Our Brownies

The quest for the best ingredients and recipe took us a while but we think we may have cracked it! Made in the Cambridgeshire countryside, we try to only use natural ingredients from the best source we can find. Our Ultimate Brownies, for instance, have only 5 ingredients with no preservatives or additives. This gives them that home baked texture - fresh, moist and full of flavour. We are not a big manufacturer and the Brownies are hand made in small batches as we find this is the only way to achieved superior texture and consistency in taste.

The Ingredients

We only use British made ingredients where we possibly can and specifically local to our rural Cambridgeshire location. For instance, our eggs are all sourced from free range farmers within 15 miles of our kitchen helping the environment but also local businesses. We only use British butter, the flour is sourced from one of the largest independent milling companies in the UK that has been making flour since the early 1900’s. They have a continued passion, enthusiasm and commitment to supplying quality products to its local and national customers. Our cocoa is 100% powder unlike many suppliers of cakes.

Our Chocolate

Our chocolate is sourced from the highest quality Belgian chocolate brands bought direct. These companies have expertly created chocolate from carefully selected materials, professionally blended and meticulously selected using traditional means. Each company we use has a clear company policy to ensure that the chocolate they are producing is traceable, sustainable and works to ensure no child or slave labour is used in their supply chain.

All our products are suitable for vegeterians.

Where we add flavouring, we ensure it is from a natural source. We try to use ethical and local suppliers where possible. It’s important to us and we believe to you to.

Currently our baked gifts are not gluten free but we are looking in to it. Watch this space!

Ben & Graham

Our brownies only contain the finest ingredients!
A sample of the finished product! Voila!